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  • ADHD Assessments

    Staying focused on a long project, being late to or even forgetting an appointment, or forgetting where you left your keys is something all people have experienced at some point. However, these are daily struggles for those with ADHD and the daily challenge can be very frustrating. 

    Getting tested for ADHD is the first step towards finding relief from these symptoms. Pinnacle Psychology offers ADHD evaluations for children and adults, and often is completed in one day with immediate results.  

    ADHD Testing: What to Expect

    Getting Scheduled

    An ADHD evaluation typically takes about two hours. These appointments are done in-person at our Gilbert office and all aspcects of the evaluaiton are compelted by a licensed psychologist. 

    Appointmetns can be made directly though our website or over phone. 


    The ADHD testing process is broken down into three parts.

    1. One-on-One Interview: Your psychologist will ask you several questions about your background, mental health & treatment history, review the symptoms you are experiencing, and you may complete a few questionnaires about your overall mental health.

    2. ADHD Test: After the one-one-one interview, you will be asked to completed computer based test that is designed specifically for assessing ADHD symptoms. Prior to the test, your psychologist will give you specific directions for the assessment and answer any queisotns you might have. 

    3. Results/ Recommendations: After you have completed the test, your psychologist will immediately review the results of the test and determine if an ADHD diagnosis is appropriate. You and the psychologist will then discuss treatment options/ recommendations and you will be given a detailed list of referrals shortly after the appointment.  

    Psychological Report

    A psychological report is a document that summarizes what was discussed during the evaluation, the assessment results, and a list of specific treatment recommendations. Typically this report is completed a few days after the appointment, and will uploaded directly to the patient portal, where you can download a copy for your reference. The report will be signed by your psychologist and can be used for academic accommodations (IEP/ 504 plans), work place accommodations, and/or for documentation of the disorder for psychiatric/ psychotherapy treatment.