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  • Psychological Assessments

    Testing, Evaluation, and Assessment of Mental Health

    A psychological assessment is an in-depth process, resulting in a comprehensive understanding of the issues the patient is facing and specific, effective treatment recommendations to address those challenges. It also brings peace of mind by finding answers to complex questions that be overlooked or misdiagnosed in a typical initial therapy session. Having a licensed psychologist assess and diagnose mental health disorders can also be very helpful, and often required,  when it comes to accessing academic accommodations, services, and assistance programs.

    Pinnacle Psychology offers Focused and Comprehensive Assessments for children and adults. Click below to find out more.

    Focused Assessments

    Comprehensive Assessment

    The Assessment Process

    Initial Interview

    This is a 90-minute appointment where you and your provider will identify your specific concerns, gather relevant history, and examine current symptoms. At the end of this appointment, your provider will discuss the specific tests needed for your assessment, set up follow-up appointments, and offer an estimate of costs.


    Depending upon the tests discussed in the initial interview, you’ll return to the office to complete various tests and questionnaires. Depending upon the number and length of each test, you can expect 1-3 appointments to complete the testing.

    Interpreting Results and Report Writing

    This stage is done solely by your provider and does not require an appointment. This is when your provider will compile all the test data and information discussed in the initial appointment, and identify potential mental health diagnoses, provide treatment recommendation, and answer other questions specific to your assessment needs.

    Final Appointment

    In the final appointment, you will meet with your provider to discuss and answer questions you might have from the assessment results, and follow-up on questions that may be remaining after testing. At this time, if requested, you’ll be given a copy of your assessment results.

    After the Assessment is Complete

    Following the final session, your psychologist will compile a comprehensive Written Report summarizing the assessment process, test results, any diagnoses made, and clear treatment recommendations. This report will be available on the patient portal within 1-2 weeks for easy access anytime to your assessment summary. 


    ADHD Evaluations

    An ADHD assessment should incorporate more than a brief discussion and a few handouts to fill out. Unfortunately, many reply solely upon these methods to determine if someone struggles with ADHD. As ADHD shares many symptoms with other disorders, it is important to use assessment tools developed to identify specific ADHD symptoms. We utilize the Connors CPT-3 assessment, which is a computerized assessment which screens for impulsivity, sustained attention, and many other ADHD symptoms.

    Autism Evaluations

    Pinnacle Psychology offers Autism Spectrum Disorder assessments for both children and adults. We utilize the ADOS-2 for all evaluations and every aspect of the evaluation is performed and completed by a licensed psychologist.  

    Integrated Mental Health Assessments

    Assessments can help to guide mental health treatment goal, increase understanding and insight into thoughts and behaviors, and are often requested by other medical professionals, courts, schools, and various government agencies. While the purpose of the assessment will guide the assessment process, an integrative assessment examines various areas of mental health such as cognitive performance, mood and anxiety disorders, serious mental health concerns, substance abuse, and many other psychological factors.

    Academic/ School Required Assessments

    School can be difficult for many children. But when a child struggles in school because of a learning disorder or impairment, getting the right accommodations can make all the difference. In order to receive the accommodations needed for a child to succeed in the classroom, often an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan will need to be created. These plans require verification and documentation of a child’s learning impairment.

    Assessment Fees

    Costs associated with testing are based upon the time spent in the initial interview, the assessment tools used, the complexity of the interpretation and summary of the results, the unique needs of the individual, and many other factors. As such, we offer a complimentary 15-minute consultation in order to help you understand the assessment process and estimate costs.

    To schedule a consultation, click link below or go to the Get Started tab above, and select “Schedule an Appointment.”

    Each insurance company has different requirements for assessment coverage and pre-authorization. Therefore, we do not accept insurance for fees associated with assessments. However, Pinnacle Psychology offers complimentary Concierge Billing. Depending on your insurance policy, we can submit a claim on your behalf, allowing you to be reimbursed for some or all of the assessment fees.