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    Pinnacle Psychology specializes in the treatment of various addictions and the many areas of life they affect. Too often, addiction is treated as a stand alone issue, but rarely is this effective. Dr. Bigler believes that a comprehensive therapy approach for mental health treatment is vital to help reach your pinnacle mental health. 

    Psychological Assessments

    Every individual is unique, and mental health challenges are no expectation. Often, getting a comprehensive understanding of how someone experiences their thoughts, behaviors, and cognitive processes can be crucial prior to starting therapy. As a psychologist, Dr. Bigler has the education and experience necessary to help others find the root of their psychological distress, and create an effective and collaborate treatment plan to assist you achieve your mental health goals.

    Addiction Treatment Consultation

    Many loved ones trying to get help for those struggling with addiction end up feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. Pinnacle Psychology offers guidance and support to help loved ones take the most effective treatment options to help their loved ones overcome addiction. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with Dr. Luke Bigler by clicking below.

    Every successful journey requires a clear and concise path, mental healthcare is no exception.

    An accurate diagnosis is paramount in healthcare treatment. However, many mental health symptoms that comprise one disorder are also found in others. Psychologists have extensive training in both treating and diagnosing behavioral and cognitive illnesses. Starting treatment with a clear and concise path, often results in treatment being more effective, requiring fewer sessions. Ultimately helping the individual find the inner peace they desire.

    When substance or behavioral addictions are present, this typically presents significant diagnostic challenges. I decided early on in my education that I wanted to become an expert at understanding how to help individuals who struggle with both addictions and other “co-occurring” mental health illness. My education and training include specialized course work in addiction treatment, a research dissertation on comparing substance use treatment programs based on gender and age, and I completed an advanced fellowship at the world’s foremost substance treatment center.

    My education, training and professional experiences have taught me that life’s path is not always linear or simple. Sometimes, even those will great emotional resiliency need help to work through some of life’s more challenging problems. Everyone has battles to fight and hurdles to overcome at some point. Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, or any other mental health issue, you should know that there is hope for a better tomorrow.

    About Luke Bigler, Psy.D

    Dr. Bigler is a licensed psychologist in the state of Arizona, specializing in the assessment and treatment of addictive disorders and the underlying mental health symptoms that often contribute to addiction and other unhealthy behaviors.

    As a psychologist, Dr. Bigler also conducts mental health assessments for various mental health issues such as ADHD, learning disorders, cognitive performance tests, and many other psychological factors.

    I’d Love to Help

    Pinnacle Psychology is now accepting new patients for in-person and telehealth services. If your are ready to take the first step towards pinnacle mental heath, schedule a session now by clicking the “Request Appointment” link below.

    Also offering free 15 minute phone or video consultations if you have questions before setting up a first appointment.

    Pinnacle Psychology is now a part of the Counseling Collective in Arizona, helping patients meet their mental health care needs in one location. Please visit for more information.

    Diagnostic Assessment

    As with any treatment, understanding and defining the root of the problem, is imperative to effective treatment. As a psychologist, Dr. Bigler received the education, training, and experience necessary to accurately diagnose mental health illnesses. Those individuals who struggle with compulsive or addictive behaviors may often be misdiagnosed as the effects of substances use and other unhealthy behaviors can add complexity and uncertainty to the diagnostic picture. This can often result in not achieving the desired therapeutic outcome. Our initial session (also referred to as an assessment) will comprise of three parts: Getting to know you, identifying the problem/s, and collaborating on the treatment recommendations that will ensure the best outcome possible.

    Treatment Specialties

    Dr. Luke Bigler is a licensed psychologist who is experienced in assessing and treating a wide array of mental health disorders. Through Dr. Bigler, education, training, and experience, he provides specialized assessment and treatment mental health services for the following:

    • Substance and virtual addictions (smartphones & video/computer games)
    • Teens and young adults
    • Dual-diagnosis treatment for underlying mental health disorders that have contributed to chemical dependency
    • Treatment for the specific challenges men and women face in relationship conflicts resulting from addiction or other mental health challenges.
    • Professionals seeking mental health services
    • Family members of loved ones with mental health struggles, with an emphasis on building healthy communication and boundary setting skills
    • PTSD and other trauma related disorder treatment

    Dr. Bigler also specializes in the assessment of substance use and cooccurring mental health disorders. Often, many mental health symptoms can be overlooked or misunderstood by psychologists or therapists if they do not have the training or experience with substance related dual-diagnoses. Dr. Bigler’s training years at Hazelden Betty Ford provided him with the education and experience necessary to accurately diagnosis and treat substance and other cooccurring mental health disorders.

    Individual Psychotherapy

    Therapy is a personal process and finding the right approach is essential to your journey. Whether you’ve been to therapy before, or if this is your first experience, Dr. Bigler will take the time necessary to find the right approach that fits your needs and personality. For more information click here.

    Teen Intervene Program

    The Teen Intervene Program was designed by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation© as a prevention and early intervention program for adolescents with addiction and other mental health difficulties. This is a solution focused program designed to accurately identify problems leading to unhealthy behaviors, provide effective solution focused therapy, and provide the family with a comprehensive treatment guide that will help the teen and family members navigate the complexity of adolescents. Click here for more information on the Teen Intervene Program.

    Parent/ Family Support

    Supporting loved ones with addiction and/or other mental health challenges can be difficult and overwhelming. Dr. Bigler provides counseling services and workshops for those who support others, focusing on setting healthy boundaries, assertive communication skills, and reducing care taker burnout. Just like the airlines teach us: we need to put on our own mask before helping others with theirs.

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