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  • Focused Assessments

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    What is a Focus Assessment?

    A focused assessment is designed to confirm or rule out a specific diagnosis or mental health concern. For example, if someone suspects they struggle with ADHD, then a specific, focused ADHD assessment would be appropriate.

    What To Expect: The Assessment Process

    At Pinnacle Psychology, each assessment is conducted by a licensed psychologist and involves three main stages: the Initial Appointment, Testing/ Feedback, and Written Report. 

    Initial Appointment

    During the Initial Appointment, which usually lasts about 90 minutes, you'll have a thorough discussion with your psychologist about the challenges you're facing and what you hope to gain from the assessment. Together, you'll devise a plan for the assessment process, and you'll receive a detailed outline of the steps involved along with an estimate of the fees.

    Testing/ Feedback

    The Testing phase involves completing various psychological assessments either with your psychologist or through computer-based tools. 

    Once the testing is completed, a final session will be scheduled with your psychologist. Here, you'll receive an explanation of the assessment results, have any remaining questions addressed, explore treatment options, and receive referrals to specialists if needed.  This phase typically spans 1-3 appointments. 

    Written Report

    Following the final session, your psychologist will compile a comprehensive Written Report summarizing the assessment process, test results, any diagnoses made, and clear treatment recommendations. This report will be available on the patient portal within 1-2 weeks for easy access anytime to your assessment summary.

    Benefits and Limitations of a Focused Assessment


    Time limited

    Focused assessments can usually be completed in a relatively short time period, and requires far fewer appointments than a comprehensive assessment. 

    Lower cost

    As a focused assessment requires less time, and fewer testing procedures, the cost of these assessments can be considerably less than a more comprehensive assessment.


    Narrow Scope

    A focused assessment determines if someone has a particular disorder, like ADHD when there are issues with attention and organization. However, symptoms like difficulty concentrating can stem from mood, anxiety, or trauma disorders. Narrowing the assessment to just ADHD may miss the actual diagnosis, requiring a more comprehensive evaluation. 

    List of Focused Assessments

    Attention Deficit/ Hyper-Activity (ADHD)

    Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Specific Learning Disorders (i.e. Dyslexia)

    Mood/ Anxiety/ Psychological Disorders

    Chemical Use Assessment

    Cognitive Assessment