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  • Comprehensive Assessment

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    What is a Comprehensive Assessment?

    As the name implies, these assessments are designed to test, assess, and explore multiple areas of psychological functioning. A comprehensive assessment typically will include testing of personality and mood disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, cognitive abilities, problematic behaviors (substance or virtual addictions), etc. Often, agencies requiring a psychological assessment (i.e. licensing boards, Social Security claims, government agencies) require these types of assessments.

    Benefits to Comprehensive Assessments

    Often, people experience more than one mental health disorder. A comprehensive assessment allows the psychologist and the patient to gain clarity on the underlying causes for the symptoms, allowing for specific diagnoses to be made.

    Comprehensive assessments can assist with creating an effective treatment plan, and also offer specific treatment recommendations to help alleviate the challenges someone is facing.

    Limitations of Comprehensive Assessments

    As a comprehensive assessment requires the use of several testing methods, these assessments usually require more time, as compared to a focused assessment, requiring several appointments and can take 2-3 weeks to complete. Thus, these assessments usually have a higher fee as well.

    As of January 11, 2023 Pinnacle Psychology LLC is no longer offering assessments for forensic or criminal/ family court matters.